About Our Ice

About our IceAt Golden West Ice, we use the latest technology and equipment to produce high quality, food-grade ice. 

We supply our quality ice in 5kg bags, 15kg bags, and 500kg tubs for bulk industries. 

We manufacture ice through specialty ‘Tube Ice’ machines that feed directly into large storage bins ready for processing. 

The large bins enable us to produce and have ready more than 500 tonnes of ice available at any given moment. 

We also have palletised racking freezers which can hold 3000+ pallets of ice. With a daily production capacity of 350 tonne and the large storage volumes, we can guarantee supply even through the peak periods.

Pure water, pure ice

You can be sure that the ice you buy from us is as pure as bottled water. Our water is purified with the latest ultraviolet sterilisation technology, and then filtered down to remove any contaminants. 

All our ice is manufactured using the same technique, so you can be sure that when you see the Golden West Ice logo, you know it means safety and reliability.

The ice with the handle

Golden West Ice also use the latest technology in bagging equipment. With food safe plastics, our bags are filled, dated and sealed before they come out of the machine. 

Our 5kg bag has a handle placed into the top for easy carrying, earning it the nickname ‘the ice with the handle in the bag’. 

Our bags are heat sealed plastic. This minimises the risk or possible contamination from standard metal ring ties.

High-tech storage and transport

Golden West Ice has recently upgraded our freezer cabinets. The new state-of-the-art cabinets are extremely energy efficient and hygienic. A standalone self-defrosting unit, they are easy to maintain and have no pipe work inside the box. With new insulation and near perfect seals, they are up to 50% more efficient than the older ice freezers on the market. 

Using a modern fleet of semi and rigid trucks, we deliver all of our own products. Because of this we can easily control the quality of our product. We handle everything from production to delivery. We have full road trains and rigid trucks purely for ice delivery, so you can be sure that we will get the ice to you.